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$89.95 ($3.74 per can)
FitAID is the perfect pre and post workout supplement product. If you are dragging pre workout: FitAID contains B complex, Green Tea Leaf extract, and Quercetin for a natural pick me up without getting you all jittery. If you are looking for recovery after your workout: FitAID has branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, Vitamins C & D3, Glucosamine, Turmeric, CoQ10, and raw organic agave to accommodate the glycogen window and provide your body with a complete and clean recovery.


FitAID was specifically designed with the athlete in mind. It has the perfect blend of targeted supplement to AID Your Recovery after a long workout, run or big hike.


Snapshot of Customer Reviews & Ratings

(117 customer reviews)
  • Rating
    Review by Joseph Stoy
    Great product

    This stuffs insane!!! Probably the greatest thing since zaxbys. Fitaid not only tastes good but you can also tell that it's made with high quality ingredients. I take it after my Work outs and immediately feel recharged and focused for the rest of the day.

  • Rating
    Review by Alexia Corcoran
    I need it, I want it, I have to have it

    To many words to explain how awesome fit aid is. Best drink ever. I'm constantly turning people on to it. They love it. I got my sensei even hooked on it. Lol, her stash was out one day and she wanted one so bad that I took her one. She was happy, and i got brownie points. It's my go to drink after anything. Training, hot days, long hours at work, it's so refreshing and satisfying that I panic when I run out. Fit aid is my drink of choice.

  • Rating
    Review by L McMath
    Outstanding Program

    Great product and value.
    Outstanding direct delivery model.
    Could not be more convenient!

  • Rating
    Review by Richard James
    FitAID is Awesome!!!!!!

    I have been involved in sports for most of my life, speed skated at the junior Olympic level, cycled competitively, competed in triathlons, have finished marathons and ultra-marathons, have lifted weights for over thirty years and for the past 16 years (after founding our non profit organization Sports Society for American Health) have hosted 35 events (speed skating, cycling, marathons, time trials, triathlons, etc.), and have never found a better recovery drink than FitAid. Congratulations on an awesome product.

    Iron Games will be our first "lifting style" event to host and I am excited about it. I just started Crossfit this year when one of the local box owners asked me to try the Open. I had never done Crossfit before so it was quite a learning experience. I am looking forward to trying the Open (in the Masters division) next year after having a year to train and learn. It is through this Crossfit experience that I learned about FitAID and have since shared it with many endurance athletes I know as well. Keep up the great work.

  • Rating
    Review by Becky Coots-Kimbley
    Highly recommend

    I love this product! It tastes great without having any of the nervous, jittery side effects you can get from the "other" drinks.

  • Rating
    Review by AJ Sorrells
    I am addicted

    It's great! Yall should come out with more flavors for each category(fitaid,partyaid,golferaid).

  • Rating
    Review by Allen Aguilar
    Best Recovery EVER!!!

    Best product ever!!!! After an intense workout or training session I reach for a FitAid. Recommended to my friends and got them as fans too.

  • Rating
    Review by Shanna Cloyd
    My go-to drink! Post workout, post house cleaning, oh it's so hot outside, running errands, basically anytime!!! :)

    FITAID is simply the best!!! I literally cannot keep it stocked in my fridge because my husband & daughter drink it all up! It's always a sad day when the last one is gone!

  • Rating
    Review by Will Shaw

    Great recovery drink. Outfreakingstanding!!! It takes the place of everything else and combines all you need in to one amazing drink. I first tried one after a Spartan race and was amazed at how quickly it worked. I look forward to one after each race. Red who, what, where??? No, it's FitAID for me from now on.

  • Rating
    Review by Robert Buchanan
    Must try

    This is truly a great drink.

  • Rating
    Review by Kelly Higgins
    FitAid Fuel is my new favorite

    FitAid Fuel is the best thing I have found for a quick protein boost and added bonus of Omega 3's and BCAA's. Thanks LifeAid

  • Rating
    Review by Cecelio Huerta

    I absolutely love fit aid and have grown a serious addiction. I feel so much better after my work outs and will now be reppin fitaid every workout and more. You won't be disappointed.

  • Rating
    Review by Alec Osborn
    Say goodbye to redbull.

    LifeAid has helped me completely replace my energy drink cravings thanks to FitAid.

  • Rating
    Review by NATHAN FINDLAY


  • Rating
    Review by Joe A
    Someone figure out a way to put happyness in a can

    Taste great and can feel the difference after a tough wod or some heavy lifting. I prefer fitaid over killcliff

  • Rating
    Review by Abby Christensen
    Best Sports Drink

    First tried this drink after my first Spartan Race and I've been hooked ever since! It is phenomenal, but I really hope they start selling them in more stores

  • Rating
    Review by Kyle Berg
    Amazing, and delicious treat after the WOD

    Every time I'm at the gym and see a FitAid in the cooler i grab it. This stuff is amazing and i can't get enough.

  • Rating
    Review by Dallas Pena
    Amazing Drink!!

    Absolutely amazing stuff! After one drink I was hooked. It's hard to believe that a drink that is actually good for you tastes good too!

  • Rating
    Review by Berto Hernandez

    I'm 40 year's old and this product has helped me traine in a more constant pace. I have even archive better goals because of FitAid.. I want to thank you, because of this in doing harder Obstacle race's..

  • Rating
    Review by Robert Reagan
    Great help to recovery!

    First discovered Fitaid at a Spartan race, loved the taste, now its my go to recovery after each run and bike ride. Definitely helps pick me up to continue into my strength training. Great taste too!

  • Rating
    Review by Angel W
    Best free diving recovery Aid.

    I worked cooking on a live aboard boat for 5 weeks. I brought my fitAid for energy and partyAid for hydration. I do a lot of fishing and spearfishing. You need to make a fishAid. Living in the Florida Keys hydration is important. Leg cramps are common when free diving. There's nowhere to buy it down here. People are always asking where to get it.

  • Rating
    Review by Jason Parry
    Awesome product!

    Love the taste, love how it works and love great customer service from lifeaid!

  • Rating
    Review by Amarie Kvammen
    The results speak for themselves!

    All natural ingredients, great taste, digests well, and NO soreness (if any at all) post-workout! I've been looking for something like this forever- it's like taking a multi-vitamin and BCAA's and my tea and etc. all in one. I'M IN LOVE. Thank you guys!

  • Rating
    Review by Stephane Bryant

    I ran my first Spartan Race 6/25 and we were given this beverage after the race. I only ate breakfast and almost 7 hours later, running 5.5 miles and 25 obstacles I drank this and was totally fine. I'm hypoglycemic and usually working our makes my sugar drop on a regular basis, but your drink healed me. I felt energetic, revived and refreshed. Thank you!!!!!

  • Rating
    Review by Dan Colson
    Great drink that WORKS!

    Great tasting recovery Drink. We have offered FitAid to our clients for over a year and there is a noticeable difference. A Graet tasting drink that works!

  • Rating
    Review by Spencer Armstrong
    Great drink

    New favorite drink! Has a great taste!

  • Rating
    Review by Greg Jones
    Awesome Product for whenever and wherever

    The carbonation reminds me of soda without all of the junk that makes soda not worth drinking. It's refreshing and smooth and is perfect for a between WOD drink when you're putting in the time on multi-WOD session. But it's not limited to the box, it makes a great road trip drink for anyone on the go and keeps you hydrated and energized without the added sugar and massive amounts of electrolytes in Gatorade type drinks. I always have a case in the fridge.

  • Rating
    Review by Nicholas Mark
    The best post WOD drink

    Awesome taste. Great ingredients. The perfect list WOD drink

  • Rating
    Review by Chris Park

    Great recovery drink for any CrossFitters or any athlete in general. Good for trying to keep fresh and recover a little faster in between tough workouts.

  • Rating
    Review by Cody Conner

    BEST recovery drink on the market!!

  • Rating
    Review by Sara Choiniere

    Love this product. Great for an after workout drink.

  • Rating
    Review by Ivet Dahl
    Love this stuff!

    Simply the best!

  • Rating
    Review by Tanya Morse
    Great Product

    I really enjoy the taste and to know this is not an energy drink but truly feels like one awesome sauce. I feel rejuvenated and ready to start my day after a great work out this is definitely a great product!

  • Rating
    Review by Anthony Eisenhower

    This drink is amazing! Ultimate recovery and gains from this drink, especially on 2 a day workout days, and when teaching. Loved it so much had to carry it at my gym to ensure everyone can try it!

  • Rating
    Review by Nick Radke
    Buy some now!

    Great taste, best recovery available. Hands down.

  • Rating
    Review by Marcus Ford
    FITAID. It'll make you better.

    I LOVE this stuff! FITAID (and sometimes focus aid too) has made 2-a-days a reality on days that I am working on and off, from 5am to 8pm. FITAID has changed the game for me!

  • Rating
    Review by Jeremiah Jager
    great stuff

    This product is great, price is great, flavor is great.

  • Rating
    Review by Samantha Schulte

    The best post/pre workout drink I've ever had. If it's in my kitchen I can't do a workout without it. It gets me in the zone, not to mebtuon

  • Rating
    Review by Andrew Schmidt

    Love this stuff. Always enjoy one after a big lifting day! First had one at Crossfit OST in Duluth. Jumped in on a WOD and hadn't worked out in a couple weeks prior. Put in 110% which left me a little light headed and sick. Tried a Orininal fitaid which had me up and running again after 15min:

  • Rating
    Review by Michael Krueger
    Great tase and good performance

    Taste on this is amazing to me its like a mimosa. Post workout fatigue / soreness and ache have been reduced, and I've felt more prepared for the next days WOD.

  • Rating
    Review by Catherine Sostak
    Taste good and helps me in recovering faster

    love it

  • Rating
    Review by Heather Megginson
    Love it!

    Love it. It has completely replaced my post workout recovery drink. It has helped cut back on some of the usual post run cramps in my feet that I get. Cant see myself using anything else anymore.

  • Rating
    Review by John Allen
    GREAT Product

    Love the product FITAID. I can tell a difference with recovery when I drink after a hard work out. Thanks for making a great product!

  • Rating
    Review by Caleb Malenke
    Best recovery drink of all time!

    Most amazing recovery drink ever! I can't wait to get these in the mail! I feel so good after my crossfit workouts!

  • Rating
    Review by Sarah Ernstes
    Great product

    Tastes good and the best recovery drink I've used!

  • Rating
    Review by Joey Pearson
    Pearson Fitness

    Bought the start up package of 10 cases 2 weeks ago and down to 1 1/2 cases left at our studio. Clients love them and so do we!

  • Rating
    Review by megan seifert
    Love it

    Absolutely LOVE Fit aid. I tried it once and was hooked, it's really nice after a hard workout and I think it really does help with recovery. I drink one every time I workout now.

  • Rating
    Review by Brian Jacobson
    Excellent product

    This is an excellent product. I took fitaid with me for higher elevation training and it seemed to dampen the effects of the altitude. A refreshing drink to take backpacking, I didn't notice the usual DOMS the following few days. I will be purchasing more.

  • Rating
    Review by David Rayenhartz
    Tastes great and helps rejuvenate post wod.

    Great Post-Workout Drink

  • Rating
    Review by Vicky Tiberia
    AWESOME product!

    I didn't think a drink could make a difference after a workout but Fitaid helps!! I tried a couple samples and was instantly hooked and ordered a case right afterwards. I felt great the following days after difficult metcons. The drink is light, refreshing and delicious!!

  • Rating
    Review by Walt Gonzales
    What a refreshing and affective recovery drink post workout!

    What a refreshing and affective recovery drink post workout! One of my clients bought a case after his first trial reporting back that Fitaid drastically helps minimize that post workout fog that the brain seems to go to after a taxing workout. I now stock Fitaid and Focusaid in my gym to help my trainers and our members get the most out their workouts and training sessions!

  • Rating
    Review by Kristen Ruest

    This is by fare the best recovery drink we have tried!

  • Rating
    Review by Hieb Jenny
    Awesome recovery drink

    Our members love this!

  • Rating
    Review by Coley Haas
    Great product

    Love!!! Crossfit

  • Rating
    Review by Lyndsey Superawesome
    doubter into believer

    I saw people at my gym drinking these after a workout and I was a doubter- could a drink really make a difference? But when I had a chance to get 2 of them for .99 I thought it was worth a try. I had one the other day after going 5 days without a rest and after a particularly brutal metcon. I thought I was going to be super sore the next day but I felt great and no DOMS even 36 hours later. So now I'm buying a case!

  • Rating
    Review by Rachel Glenfield
    Keeps me going!!

    Absolutely LOVE this product!! Every time I workout at my box I look forward to getting to drink my fitaid at the end of the WOD. It is what keeps me going to the finish! Nothing better!!!

  • Rating
    Review by Lauren Hutchison
    Totally recommend this product for pre and post workout energy.

    Is a great post recovery drink! Works better than coffee thats for sure!

  • Rating
    Review by Vince Katlein

    Just got a case in, tastes great. Got it shipped quickly. Drink one after my workouts for recovery. So far so good!

  • Rating
    Review by Elizabeth Whitmyre

    Best Recovery Drink I've tasted. I love that it tastes great, naturally and not that strange artificial taste that most drinks have. An added plus is it's not too sweet. Perfect drink for the summer, but I enjoy it all year round.

  • Rating
    Review by Rosalinda Tafoya
    Best Product!

    By far, the best recovery drink I've had. It helps to keep me going and it helps so much in recovering!!

  • Rating
    Review by Jess McIntire
    Great Recovery Drink

    This is one phenomenal recovery drink.

  • Rating
    Review by Kyle Tullos

    This is a great recovery drink! Tastes great! I would recommend FitAid to anyone and everyone!

  • Rating
    Review by Art Monaghan
    Fantastic recovery and mental Acuity from this makes it a winner!!

    Bought this after trying the FitAid at my first Spartan Race. Really helped me recover from my race. It was my first and I was WIPED. But a few minutes after trying this I could feel myself being less fatigued. (still exhausted, but my body didn't feel as beaten up). And my mental clarity is what I really noticed. I was very tired mentally and unfocused as I finished the race. But even my girlfriend commented that I seemed very sharp on the ride home after all I'd just done. (It was the Killington Spartan,, known as one of the toughest).
    I also work at night, so I sleep during the day, and fighting against my system isn't always a winning battle. But if I wake up a little foggy or unfocused. A cold Fitaid on my ride to work is enough to shake the cobwebs out and get me focused for my next 8hrs.. All in all. Its amazing stuff. And I was very shocked with the results!

  • Rating
    Review by Dustin Markanich

    This is the best pre/during/post workout drink I've ever had. It never gives me the shakes and jitters like most other workout drinks do. It definitely makes me feel more alert and focused during my workouts.

  • Rating
    Review by Ben Swan

    I am a crossfit athlete and golfer and FITAID and GOLFERAID are by far the best pre and post workout drinks out there without question.

  • Rating
    Review by chris combs
    awesome product

    Very good drink, awesome product

  • Rating
    Review by Zach Landgraf

    Love this product. Super refreshing after a workout or anytime. Very hard to ration until my next shipment arrives!!!

  • Rating
    Review by Ashley A.
    Love it!

    I freaking love this stuff! It's delicious and a part of my recovery!

  • Rating
    Review by Amanda Carpenter
    Must Buy!

    Excellent product! I drink one after every workout and they definitely help with recovery! I am always refreshed and never feel sore when I wake up the next morning

  • Rating
    Review by Brandi Brown

    I love this stuff...Gives me an edge when i workout

  • Rating
    Review by ERIC RUFFIN
    It keep me going.


  • Rating
    Review by Dustin Eckhart
    Best drink for Athletes on the market!

    FitAid rocks! Great taste and great results! Can 100% tell a difference in recovery with this product!

  • Rating
    Review by Spencer Reed
    Great taste! Awesome after a workout!

    This product is awesome

  • Rating
    Review by Jacob Davidson
    Great product

    FitAid is the best for recovery during and between workouts or even on rest days
    i love this product to the max!

  • Rating
    Review by Aaron Gee
    Fit Aid is the ultimate recovery drink to decrease post workout soreness, recover blasted muscles and joints, and help your body get ready to do it all over again tomorrow!! It really works!!

    I love Fit Aid!! I started using Fit Aid at my local gym and it helped decrease my post workout soreness by more than 50%. Some days I had very little soreness at all after drinking Fit Aid. Now that is what a recovery drink is supposed to do!! It's not an energy drink, it's all natural, full of supplements, and low in calories. You can't ask for more!

  • Rating
    Review by Brooke C.
    Awesome product.

    Such an amazing product!!! Found it at my Spartan races, and I started buying them in bulk every month. Totally worth the price!

  • Rating
    Review by Kris Seibel
    Awesome product! Taste great!

    Awesome product! In my refrigerator constantly! Can't go a day without one!

  • Rating
    Review by Sarah Campos
    best drink out there!!

    Everything you need to recover after a WOD love it!!

  • Rating
    Review by benjamin holland
    Absolutely love this product

    Played sports all my life, have tried food right after work out, protein right after work out. The only thing that I have ever felt that actually helped and was not just mental is this! Nothing compares

  • Rating
    Review by Jess Franzen

    I absolutely love all the products I've tried! I originally had my first FitAid at the crossfit box I went to and then when I moved I was sad I wouldn't be able to get it anymore. How wrong was I? I have since tried the PartyAid, FocusAid, and GolferAid. I love them all but FitAid and PartyAid are my 2 absolute favorites. I love the taste of PartyAid

  • Rating
    Review by Jason Weaver

    Best recovery product on the planet I almost cannot go workout without having a drink

  • Rating
    Review by Yvonne Rodriguez
    a drink that tastes so good

    This is by far the best drink I have ever had. Not only does it taste delicious and it easy on my stomach, no side effects. I drink I right after my runs and workouts. I crave it during my run, so it makes me run that much faster to get my hands on this drink.

  • Rating
    Review by Jason Young
    This is the best recovery drink!

    Awesome product!

  • Rating
    Review by Linda Penning
    Solved my soda addiction!

    Love the taste! I had a horrible soda addiction. Tried for years to quit soda, 2 months soda free thanks to fitaid!!

  • Rating
    Review by Kristen Stephens

    Fantastic taste and I could feel the energy replacement after a Spartan Race.

  • Rating
    Review by Anne Ross
    Awesome supplement

    Favorite recovery drink! Love this for pre and post workout! Tastes great and it's not too sweet!

  • Rating
    Review by Kristin Mangels
    Awesome drink

    Tastes great and definitely boosts muscle recovery!

  • Rating
    Review by Mandy Scott
    Awesome recovery

    Love FitAid

  • Rating
    Review by Gabriel Madrid
    As being a personal trainer and coach this is absolutely the best recovery drink out there without a doubt! its all about ingredients and this product has it! you won't be disappointed, your body will tell you !! Drink up enjoy!!

    Love this product, run to it every time when I eat my post workout meal !!

  • Rating
    Review by Aimee Sinopoli
    Everyone should try it!!

    FitAid is an amazing recovery drink. After going out for my first 10 miles in many months I was able to recover a lot quicker than normal. Great product, can't wait to share.

  • Rating
    Review by Toby Oliveira
    Great products, great company

    Fitaid is a wonderful recovery beverage, and it tastes great. I've been using it for a few months now. Focus aid is also very tasty. I just got my first batch and so far so good. The thing I love most about LifeAid is there unmatched customer service, they are the BEST!

  • Rating
    Review by Alison Sides

    I absolutely LOVE this product. I discovered it in The WOD Box and ever since I've been addicted. Enjoy for either pre or post workout.

  • Rating
    Review by Danny Heath
    FitAid is a staple in my nutrition EVERYDAY!

    FitAid is a staple in my lunch everyday. Not only does it help me recover from the morning but it also helps get me focused and energized for the day! The taste is amazing and I honestly look forward to having one everyday!

  • Rating
    Review by Ryan Gillon
    Don't leave your workout without it.

    The first CrossFit box I ever worked out at starting getting these in and I fell in love right away. They taste good, they're Paleo, and now my every-once-and-again craving for soda is completely gone. They help me recover, they keep me away from sugary drinks, and i can't get enough of them.

  • Rating
    Review by Marken O
    This is definitely working

    I have been using Fit Aid for 3 months and I have realized a noticeable decrease in recovery time between workouts, less inflamation, and overall better recovery. After trying several other brands with poor results, I have finally landed in the right spot!

  • Rating
    Review by Bradley Utt

    This product is amazing! Way better than any other recovery drink on the market! Always makes me feel a lot better after a tough metcon!

  • Rating
    Review by Bill Brumbach
    Best product on the market!

    This is hands down, the BEST recovery drink on the market. I have two subscriptions and believe in this product wholeheartedly. After hard workouts and especially after Spartan Races, I ALWAYS drink at least 1 FitAid to help me recover for the following day's activity.

  • Rating
    Review by Patricia Westoby
    Love it!

    I was skeptical at first but now I'm a believer. It has helped me recover faster from WODs. As a beginner to cross fit this has been essential to keeping me on track and committed.

  • Rating
    Review by Moises Villarreal
    the best

    Fitaid is the best recovery drink I have ever tasted hands down. If there was only a way to get some free 24 packs. Lol

  • Rating
    Review by Ashley Eckman
    Love it!!

    This is the only recovery drink I will drink!! Its the best, and does help after a workout. I even drink it when I dont work out, because it tastes so good!! Great product, and I love that they made it paleo friendly, its hard to find anything paleo friendly especially in pre workout or recovery drinks.

  • Rating
    Review by Suzan stephens
    Love it!

    Love it!

  • Rating
    Review by Austin Cleveland
    Great Tasting and it's good for you.

    FitAid is the best tasting post workout drink on the market. And, it's only 45 calories. It's Win/Win if you ask me.

  • Rating
    Review by Daniel Rodriguez
    Simply the best

    Amazing. Got to find a way to fit this in to my nutrition/workout budget.

  • Rating
    Review by Justin Branden
    Better than killcliff

    Fitaid is an awesome drink! I tried it for the first time about a year and a half ago and I've sworn by it ever since. I chug the first half of it before a WOD and then wrap my workout with the second half.

  • Rating
    Review by Paul De Rosa
    Had my first can after a 1 hour 16 Station Circuit Training class

    Just received my two cans from the TRY FITAID FREE promotion. Had my first can after a 1 hour 16 Station Circuit Training class. Woke up feeling great!

  • Rating
    Review by Rene Ybar

    Tried the free x2 cans of FitAid. Just submitted an order of 28 cans :P

  • Rating
    Review by Kitzia Morales
    FitAID is really good and the best part is with natural ingredients

    Love the product! Is really worth it! Delicious flavor, take half at the beginning of the class and half at the end

  • Rating
    Review by Aaron Clarke
    Had this for the first time post 2015 SPARTAN RACE in Castaic Lake!

    Had this for the first time post 2015 SPARTAN RACE in Castaic Lake! Was extremely greatful for it.... Wishing I could find it in stores now..... Even though it isn't an energy drink, I'd get it instead of a Red Bull every time.

  • Rating
    Review by Avery Couture
    the best

    I love my fitaid. I have one every day during my wod. So refreshing and helps me recover quickly. Now I need a FitAID fridge to keep it in.

  • Rating
    Review by Krisha Mccoy

    It's great

  • Rating
    Review by david akey
    love it

    Love it

  • Rating
    Review by Oscar LaMadrid
    Rejuvenate ur WOD

    The most rejuvenating post wod drink available, you can actually feel your tendons regenerating, recovery time cut into a fraction of time without.

  • Rating
    Review by Justin Terry
    5 star review

    This was intended to be a 5 star review. I docked a star because I simply don't like seeing any sugar content. With that being said this is hands down the best drink. I look forward to it after and even during WOD's... I was a long time nay-sayer and swore by the competitor in recovery drinks. However, this product gave me more of a boost than expected and was tasty... If they created an orange ginger like taste--and maybe even less sugar--this would be in my fridge year around!!

  • Rating
    Review by Rick Anderson
    Best product I've tried

    I really love FITAID! Best recovery product out there.

  • Rating
    Review by Tad Carter
    Awesome product

    #1 recovery drink in the business. Developed by doctors used by Beasts.

  • Rating
    Review by Rafiq Gunthorpe
    Great Company, even better drink!!!

    Great drink! Try it!!

  • Rating
    Review by Jon Hilberto
    On point

    This helps me with my focus problems.

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