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FocusAID is the perfect supplement to help you focus when you need it, keep your mind in flow, and help you recover from an intense day at work and school…..all without the high sugar, high caffeine, high taurine and artificially laden ingredients found in most energy drinks. Unlike energy drinks that are filled with artificial flavors and sweeteners, tons of sugar and added caffeine, FocusAID is the effective and healthy solution for the educated!


Whether you’re on the job, a student or someone that could benefit from some extra nootropics, FOCUSAID is your clean “non-energy” supplement.


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  • Rating
    Review by David Glazer

    Tastes great. Gives me a pick me up when I need it without the huge crash you get from caffeine and sugary drinks. Big thing is that it knocks out my headaches within an hour of drinking it! #Gamechanger

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    Review by Justin Irek
    The better alternative to overly sweet syrupy sodas!

    We were in the rut of cola addiction and Red Bull Cola is no longer available. We liked Q Cola but upon finding this and enjoying the ingredients and less sweet/syrupy flavor we have switched! Quality beverage and with Agave Nectar and Stevia it is healthier than sugar/high fructose corn syrup drinks.

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    Review by Anthony Eisenhower

    Absolutely LOVE FOCUSAID! It really does do what it says and gives amazing focus. Love using this before Teaching my MMA and Muay Thai athletes at my gym. They also love it, especially all of our fighters, before the training. Better than a Pre-Workout!

  • Rating
    Review by Laura Bell
    Perfect Post Surgery Recovery Suppliment

    I had surgery 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to workout. I was feeling swollen, a bit sore, low energy, and needed a quick little clean/healthy pick me up. I drank 1 can of FITAID within sipping a quarter of the can my symptoms melted away. Athlete post surgery recovery should be added to the list of Key Features.

  • Rating
    Review by Jacque Almazan
    Love Lifeaid !!!!

    Tastes great! I was able to focus during class all day! I am in love with life aid products!

  • Rating
    Review by Michael Krueger
    Good focus, not so good taste.

    The product works well, Im not a fan of caffeine so most energy / focus drinks are out for me. However I can't get behind the taste on this one. FitAid had an amazing taste to me but Focus fell very short. This case will be around a while just due to taste but your mileage may differ defiantly worth the try.

  • Rating
    Review by Danny Heath
    FocusAid helps me feel calm cool and collected!

    FocusAid ROCKS! I had it for the first time the other day and unlike "energy" drinks I did not feel out of control. After I drank FocusAid I felt calm cool and collected. The taste is AMAZING and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone.

  • Rating
    Review by Liz D
    Helping end my coffee addiction

    I love this stuff. I am working on breaking my addiction to coffee and bringing one of these to work each day to help me focus is helping. It tastes great too!

  • Rating
    Review by Craig Johnson
    Fantastically Delicious

    When you hit that 2am grind on your night shift and need to refocus.… FocusAID works! I swear by it and it tastes just as good as all the other LifeAID products…

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    Review by LaChele Henkle Weaver
    Really enjoy this product!

    I have been on a cut for the last 2 months. FocusAid has been a huge help when I am carb deficient in the afternoon and trying to focus on my health care administration job.

  • Rating
    Review by Alejandra Farias

    I love it, it has a good taste. I am on college and I was having a lot of problem focusing on my classes , homework and exams. I took one a couple of days ago before an exam and I was really concentrated and it went perfect. After my exam I went to a lecture and I am impressed of how much information I got from it, everything was clicking on my head. It is perfect you can take it at night to get a work done and when you finish you can easily go to sleep. Definitely recommend it for students.

  • Rating
    Review by Kristen S.

    I liked the effects of this drink, but it did take an hour or so to kick in. The taste could improve, but I could make myself drink it if I really needed a boost.

  • Rating
    Review by Jessica McIntire

    I tried this from a friend, and it truly works. Being a student myself, I can say that I understand everything this product stands for after trying it. It tastes amazing, and my focus and mental clarity seemed evident after a few sips. Unfortunately I was only allowed one can, but I would love to get myself a case in time for finals. This is another great addition to the family of products Life Aid produces.

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    Review by Jon Burroughs
    So far so good - ordering more for my team at work.

    Bought a case for my team at work. They were skeptical at first, but the cans are disappearing consistently. We haven't decided how much impact it has on our focus, but if nothing else there has been some placebo effect. I'm ordering another case and we will continue the experiment. It's nice to know you're drinking something designed to be healthy as opposed to a red bull or soda!

  • Rating
    Review by Ryan Gillon
    Tastes awesome

    I've tried everything LifeAID has released so when FocusAID became available, I bought a case in good faith. It didn't disappoint. It helps during long days in the office and I love the taste. Definitely worth a try especially for those of you with an office gig.

  • Rating
    Review by Ryan Terrio

    This stuff is awesome. I take it on days that I know I have a lot of stuff going on at work. I'm an operator in a chemical plant and making sure I'm thinking clearly can be the determinat I take all the right steps in safely preparing a job for a maintenance crew to get done without any injuries or worse.

  • Rating
    Review by Craig Johnson
    Another awesome product

    Got this in the other day… currently 5 cans down… taste is pretty good, slightly different from FitAID, as it's not citrusy… but still very good… I work night shift and when you hit that horrible hour when most are mid-REM and you're left fighting to focus, opening a can of this brings you back to reality. Still has a light amount of caffeine from the green tea extract…but it doesn't give you any jolt that would keep you up for hours if you happened to take it at night… excellent product… now to add it to a monthly subscription

  • Rating
    Review by chris baduria
    Gnarley!!, love it, want more of it

    Finally!!!!!!!! awesome taste I've had one a day since they came in the mail! now release Fit Fuel!!!!

  • Rating
    Review by Travis Bell
    You won't be sorry!!

    Delicious flavor. Mental clarity was evident about 10 minutes into drinking the can for me. Another great addition to the long line of great products here.

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