$89.95 ($3.74 per can)
GolferAID is formulated to keep you feeling good (and playing well) thru an entire 18 holes. It contains BCAAs, Glucosamine, Turmeric and MSM to keep your muscles and joints feeling good, Siberian Ginseng and CoQ10 to help with focus, and B Complex to help keep your energy levels stable through your entire round. GolferAID is the educated golfers supplement product of choice. Consume GolferAID 15 minutes before you tee off and one at the turn for optimal results. Drink well, play well...drink GolferAID.


Many golfers reach for sugary, salt filled “so-called” sports drinks when they hit the course, but know they are unhealthy. Reach for GolferAID to AID Your Game on your next round!


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  • Rating
    Review by Michael Signore
    Great stuff!

    This stuff is awesome!! A friend gave me a can during a round of golf and it really improved my focus.

  • Rating
    Review by kenneth scott
    life aaidgolfer

    customer service freindly im wgt online golfer i play on line this product keeps your engery smooth not jetery like most sport drinks do low tired and drowned in emotins this prduct is superb try it !! (:

  • Rating
    Review by Caleb Malenke
    Great drink!

    I had played golf my whole life and I'm really impressed with this product. I had it once and it made me feel very good and focused mentally.

  • Rating
    Review by Pat Frank
    New Favorite

    Been drinking FITAID for a while and decided to give these a try, easily my new favorite flavor!

  • Rating
    Review by Shirley Scott - Little Rock, AR
    It works well

    I had first tried Golfer Aid just to “see” whassup and became an Eagle Players Club purchaser soon after. What I like about the product is that it’s NOT sweet nor laden with artificial ingredients. I’m finding that it works well with my weight loss program because it’s low in calories & carbs. I drink a can to replenish nutrients AFTER exercise so it’s really helping in my motivation to work hard and Not “sweat the small stuff.“ I’m seriously considering adding the other two drinks in addition to the Eagle option.

  • Rating
    Review by Max Sanger
    It’s healthy

    At first I was skeptical about GolferAID, but after trying it I immediately changed my mind. GolferAID is surprisingly refreshing and has a great taste! It kept me going throughout the day without any sort of crash. Being a natural physique competitor and golf advocate, I feel as if GolferAID was meant for me. The best thing about it is that IT’S HEALTHY! I don’t have to worry about it affecting my daily diet. I would definitely recommend this to anyone I know wanting a good, HEALTHY boost during the day without any jitters or crash.

  • Rating
    Review by Doug Hendricks - Host & Producer of Winning Golf- PGA Golf Professional
    I love the product

    Personally, I love the product. I drink one before each filming session, keeps me fresh and focused throughout the filming of Winning Golfl. My body is happy I’m feeding it something healthy rather than lots of sugar!

  • Rating
    Review by Ronnie Theobald - Head Golf Professional
    I recommend GolferAID

    Golfers have been searching and in need of a product like GolferAID for a long time! As a golf professional I often see students and customers alike drinking products that would be better used to degrease/clean an engine. With GolferAID you’re actually putting nutrients back into your body and enhancing your physical and mental abilities. I recommend GolferAID to everyone who comes into our pro shop and so far NO ONE has been disappointed! If you’re not carrying GolferAID in your golf pro shop, you and your customers are missing out.

  • Rating
    Review by Gary Bissell - Gary Bissell Golf Academy
    GolferAID is amazing

    GolferAID is amazing, healthy and tastes great! Definitely recommend it to anyone who takes fitness and their golf game seriously

  • Rating
    Review by Jessi Gebhardt - LPGA Futures Tour Player
    The tastes is amazing!

    GolferAID is a great product that keeps me alert and energized throughout my round. Not only does it do great things for my game, it tastes amazing!

  • Rating
    Review by Jenni Jenq - Professional Golfer Cactus / Grasshopper Tour
    GolferAID is my secret weapon!

    When I first drank GolferAID, I felt an immediate boost and mental sharpness, en route to shooting a career tournament round 66. The following day, I decided to drink GolferAID again to see what would happen. I ended up firing another career tournament round 64…shooting 6 under 29 on the front 9! Back to back career rounds! This shows when one has his/her best focus, the possibilities are endless! To have a drink that enables this focus is huge. GolferAID is my secret weapon!

  • Rating
    Review by Damien Payne - TV Personality/Long Drive Champ
    GolferAID is my power drink

    GolferAID has been a staple for my power golf training. The taste is amazing and really refreshing. I take it to the range. I take it to the course. Most importantly, I take it to the tee when I compete! GolferAID is my power drink when I am hitting 400 yard bombs!

  • Rating
    Review by Coach Darby M. Roggow - Tiffin University Men’s Golf
    GolferAid has helped us

    I can definitely see an improvement in the team’s focus and stamina. GolferAid has helped us take our program to another level.

  • Rating
    Review by Tom Powers - Head Golf Professional Menifee Lakes Country Club
    GolferAid is a real winner at our facility

    GolferAid has been a great product that we introduced about two months ago in our golf shop. In the two months we have had the product and doing the demo day we have sold through our initial 10 cases and have reordered. Our guest and patrons have expressed a real desire for the product as it does not give them a sugar rush but and even flow of energy and focus throughout their round. GolferAid is a real winner at our facility and we will continue to offer the product.

  • Rating
    Review by Stephen Bidne - Professional Golfer on the Canadian Tour
    GolferAID has definitely changed my game!

    Since starting my professional golf career in January 2012, I have been trying to find anything that would benefit my golf game. The problem I like many golfers out there have, is that I would end up finding myself running out of energy and stamina by the time I reached the last six or so holes. I heard about GolferAID and its all natural ingredients and great effects, and so I thought I would give it a shot to see if I could overcome this stamina problem. I quickly saw an immediate change the very first time I used GolferAID during a round. I shot a bogey free seven under 65 and for the first time I didn’t feel mentally drained afterwards! From then on I have been drinking GolferAID during tournaments and it has lead me to two professional wins and six other top three finishes in my first year as a professional! GolferAID has definitely changed my game! I will without a doubt be drinking GolferAID while I play on the Canadian Pro Golf Tour this summer, as I try and reach my dream of playing on the PGA Tour!

  • Rating
    Review by Brian Cooper - Golf Channel’s “Big Break” – Greenbrier
    Use GolferAID

    No matter your level of play and/or experience, golf can be a very difficult game and that is where GolferAID comes in. GolferAID provides the added stamina and mental focus that every golfer strives for during competitive rounds. We all know the difference between a good round and a great round is remaining focused and taking one shot at a time and GolferAID provides that and more. You’ll spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on new equipment and lessons, but the fact remains that for just a small investment you can enjoy GolferAID, a drink that’s all natural, no caffeine to give you those awkward jitters and only has 45 calories. It’s the drink that separates itself from all the competitors. Whether you’re a touring professional like myself, or the golfer that just wants to beat his buddies out of a few bucks each weekend at the club, then you need to try GolferAID and if you don’t, you’re cheating yourself. Take your game to the next level,,,,, use GolferAID.

  • Rating
    Review by Elizabeth Granahan - PRESIDENT & DIRECTOR OF INSTRUCTION: The G2 Golf Group, LLC and “G2 – The Granahan Golf Academy
    It’s a game changer

    I can’t tell you how many times I hear players say, ‘I had a terrific front nine but I really struggled on the back.’ As a professional golf instructor, that’s not surprising.

    The golf swing is one of the most complex, difficult and highly sequential motions in sports. One round of golf requires more than 60 swings, hours of mental acuity, miles of terrain, and a host of Mother Nature’s variables — it can be physically and intellectually exhausting.

    Success requires proper nourishment. That’s why I use GolferAID before and during every round; it’s a deliciously healthy way for me to keep my edge. I use it when I’m teaching here at G2, I keep it on hand for my students. I encourage players at every level to incorporate GolferAID into their pre and mid-round routines. It’s a game changer!

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