What is FITAID? Simple. It's the cleanest PERFORMANCE & RECOVERY workout supplement on the market, with nearly 3grams of botanical ingredients and vitamins in every can. FITAID is NOT an Energy Drink, has no artificial colours or sweeteners, contains only 45 calories per can, is certified gluten free, Lurong Paleo Challenge approved and is specifically designed for the demanding needs of an active and healthy lifestyle...and you won't believe how good it tastes.

45 Calories + Natural Botanical Ingredients + No Artificial Anything

FitAID was designed to measure up to the exacting demands of the elite athlete. The number of sports drinks and functional drinks on the market today is nearly endless, but do any of them really live up to their hype? FitAID is different because it is a product that delivers on its promise in a huge way. The FitAID team took the needs of superior conditioning: cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, stamina, energy and strength, and matched ingredients to each of these needs to create a unique formula that enhances athletic execution and speeds recovery. Not only did we create a supplement that actually improves performance, but we also made it paleo friendly, gluten free, and natural. Oh yeah, and it’s delicious and refreshing too! FitAID contains no sugar alcohols, no Sucralose, no Aspartame, no HFCS, and no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. A 12oz/355ml can of FitAID contains only 9 grams of sugar (derived from all natural raw organic blue agave and stevia) and has only 45 calories. FitAID is the drink of choice for athletes serious about achieving excellence.