What is Paleo Friendly?


The Paleolithic Diet is a huge part of today’s health and fitness movement. Adherents believe that the paleo diet is the unique diet to which our species is genetically adapted. This diet mimics the ancient diet of our Paleolithic ancestors before the age of agriculture.  At LifeAID, we did our best to produce a product that we feel can truly be called “paleo-friendly.” The processing involved in the production of FitAID is kept at an absolute minimum. Our product has natural colors, flavors and natural botanical ingredients. Our carbohydrate count is only 9 grams, derived from low gylcemic, raw organic blue agave. The raw organic blue agave is processed at a temperature no higher than is found in the deserts of Mexico where it is grown. In addition, many of the supplements found in FitAID are compatible with the paleo diet, such as Omega 3 EFA’s, Vitamin D and natural (not synthetic) Vitamin E. Nothing artificial is added.

Keeping the paleo community in mind, we did our damned best to develop a product that is as close to paleo as possible, but a product that can deliver on its promise of efficacy and taste.

We've been vetted by Lurong Paleo Challenge. So if you are planning on doing a Lurong Paleo Challenge or a Paleo challenge at your gym, FITAID is the drink of choice! FITAID is made with natural botanical ingredients, only 45 calories and packed with nearly 3 grams of supplements to AID YOUR WORKOUT.